Christmas Coffee - The taste of Christmas?

Christmas Coffee

I thought what would be good for Christmas sales? A Christmas coffee blend! I knew it would sell well, a great Christmas present for that hard to buy relative who loves coffee. So I set about doing some research, I Googled some recipes and even purchased a few from our competitors.

Not the christmas coffee blend
Coffee is for life not, just for Christmas

Some were just darker roasts, some were infused with Christmassy flavours but none actually tasted of Christmas. How can you actually taste Christmas? With added cinnamon? Allspice? nutmeg? And how can you produce a coffee that doesn’t end up feeling like you are drinking a bowl of potpourri?…so many questions……

After many tastings and much tweaking I decided Christmas and coffee don’t mix! At Real Deal Roasters we pride ourselves on producing pure coffee flavours which inherit elements from the soil where the beans grew and were processed. We believe these flavours are enough in coffee and decided to leave the Christmas flavours to the pudding and mulled wine. We are not trying to hide anything in our coffee.

So on Christmas morning, just sit back and enjoy your favourite Real Deal Roasters coffee and say a big cheers to finding freshly roasted coffee.

Happy Christmas coffee, one and all!

While you are here….

We do have a couple of options for that hard to buy for relative, why not try one of our ;

Whatever you decide, thank you for continuing to support us in our quest for roasting great coffee at affordable prices.

Coffee for the People!


…………….If you do fancy some Christmas spice why not try this fabulous Christmas tea it’s blended by our good friends at Debonair Tea Co. and contains a generous helpings of Christmas cheer!

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