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What a Treat – El Mural, a Gourmet Coffee

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Looking for more great coffee but not sure what to try next? We have the same problem. So isn’t it great when you get some insider knowledge? When some coffee person who really knows what they are talking about lets you in on a secret. Only a couple of months ago an old friend in the coffee industry tipped us off about El Mural. We knew nothing about this gourmet Salvadorean coffee but we took his advice to get hold of some. Since then we’ve had a lot of fun roasting it, and cupping it. When we had go it as delicious as we could we then had more fun designing a mural-style label for it. As a result, it’s all ready for you to enjoy. It’s now our turn to share, so here goes.

El Mural coffee from El Salvador

Introducing El Mural, a great coffee from El Salvador

Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to draw your attention to a wonderful new coffee that has just joined our roster. It’s called El Mural, we’ve been drinking it for weeks ourselves, and we are loving it.

About El Mural

El Mural (meaning “The Mural” of course) comes from El Salvador. It is an exceptional coffee, scoring 84 points in cupping tests by the Specialty Coffees Association of America (SCAA). The country of El Salvador is traditionally a powerhouse of coffee production. This is a classic Central American coffee.

Briefly, El Mural is a smooth, creamy coffee with sweet caramel and red fruit flavours. It comes from the little town of La Palma. The town sits in the mountains of northern El Salvador. The coffee takes its name from the colourful wall murals for which La Palma is famous today. It uses Catimor, Anacafe 14 and Bourbon beans in the blend.

We’re always looking for lovely new coffees to try. Get in touch if you have any suggestions. We have well over 20 great coffees available on our website at the moment and would love to add more.

Click here for more about El Mural from El Salvador, it’s an “El” of a coffee.

El Salvador mural of cofeee picker
El Salvador coffee picker
El Salvador Coffee
Elsavador, the home of great murals

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