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Help Me Rwanda, Help, Help Me Rwanda…….

Now, we all love fresh coffee but sometimes we don’t realise just how important it really is. Coffee is a global industry worth around $100 billion per annum. We drink a mind-boggling 2 billion cups a day. Even more vitally, up to 10 percent of the world’s entire population depend partly or fully on it for their income.

It’s important in many other ways too. In El Salvador, coffee has been a mechanism for integrating communities. In Thailand coffee has replaced opium poppies as the crop of choice for farmers. And in Rwanda some women have been using coffee to change their lives. Now we can help these women.

Rwandan Sake coffee beans

Women’s Washing Station coffee. A great new taste from Rwanda.

Rwanda is a small and, in some ways, obscure country in Central Africa. However it has forged a great reputation for premium coffees in just the last 20 years.

The newest addition to our wide range of specialty coffees is a delicious new Rwandan roast. We call it Women’s Washing Station coffee. This is because the washing station where the coffee is processed is run by women. So the rewards for their labour go straight to them and their families.

African Arabica coffee is traditionally delicate and floral and this one is no exception. It is a sweet, aromatic brew which we roast fairly lightly to bring out its delicate flavours. Compare it to a classic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

About the Women’s Washing Station

Our friends at The Little Coffee Company have always supported female-led coffee growing ventures. They recently introduced us to some lovely new Rwandan coffee. In the “land of a thousand hills” small farmers bring their delicious beans to communal “washing stations” to process them for market. This particular washing station is run and managed by local women, hence the name of this coffee. This control allows the women to directly improve the lives of themselves, their families and their community.

Rwandan Women’s Washing Station is a great new coffee but we are always looking for other coffees to try. Please get in touch if you have any suggestions. We have around 25 premium coffees available on our website at the moment and would love to add more.

If you like the sound of Women’s Washing Station coffee from Rwanda then click here for all the details.

To find out more about supporting women in coffee go to the International Women’s Coffee Alliance. Or to read more about this women’s project click here.

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