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Black Coffee

I met a really old friend a few days ago (she is actually younger than me). She dropped into the conversation she was on a 48 hour fast….what the….!!!!!!! We were in a steam room at the time and the lady opposite said “oh yeah, my boyfriend does that”. I had heard about fasting and the benefits before and had once followed the 16:8 idea but 48 hours did sound extreme. She said she could not have believed she would be doing it a month ago. She shared this video by Dr Eric Berg, it sounded brilliant, just what I needed to give myself a boost.

Diagram by Dr Borg, showing how fasting effects the body
Dr Borg explaining fasting

Basically constant snacking causes your body to keep making insulin. If you fast it gives your body time to repair and also even start creating new cells

So the next day I thought I would give it a go but how? 24 hours* with nothing at all, no food, no snacks, no cheating, just water….

But hold on you can drink neat black coffee (and tea but we are coffee roasters). Neat, as in no sweeteners or flavours. Any added flavours will still cause an insulin hike and negate your good efforts.

Benefits of Black Coffee

As well as giving you something to look forward to in your fasting day, black coffee also contains powerful antioxidants and some vitamins and minerals. The caffeine stimulates your metabolic activity and hence increases energy levels. Caffeine is also thought to actually help burn fat. So a win/win beverage.

So which coffee is best drunk black?

My personal favourite is our Costa Rican Tarrazu with its smooth fruity flavours but we do have a lot to choose from. Can’t decide which coffee? then why not try a box of our Super 7? When ordering say you want coffees that are best for black coffee and we will pick out our favourites.

How do I make black coffee?

There are lots of brewing methods to help you enjoy your black coffee:

  • Filter
  • Cafetiere or French press
  • Coffee pods (watch out for additives)
  • Instant (not recommended!)
  • Aeropress
  • Cold brew (brew cold over night then filter using cafetiere)

Maybe try out a few different ways until you find your perfect cup of Joe?

Warning of drinking too much black coffee…….

A word of warning!! Too much coffee can mess up your sleeping routine so why not switch to decaf? We sell a fabulous decaf which is decaffeinated using the water method which omits the use of chemicals.

Good luck

Emma (founder Real Deal Roasters)

*I started my fast at 7pm after dinner on one day then ate dinner again the next day at 7pm. There is actually an acronym for this; OMAD. Seemed quite easy, who knows I may progress in time to 48 hours or even 72 hours….

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