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Travel Coffee

Coffee lovers know the importance of being able to brew a fresh cup of coffee at home or on the go. Find out how you can have freshly brewed coffee no matter where you are in the world…

No matter what you’re doing, whether it’s hiking trips, weekends away or just at work, you should never be without your favourite coffee.

Travel with coffee and your aeropress

When you’re out of town and away from your favourite coffee shop, it can be hard to find a decent cup of joe. Luckily, there are ways to make great coffee just about anywhere. One option is by using an Aeropress,

And an Aeropress is a great way to enjoy it. Aeropress coffee has gained a lot of popularity recently and for good reason. It’s a pretty cool tool that allows you to make an extraordinary cup of coffee anywhere you go. It is a portable brewing system that makes delicious coffee with minimal fuss.

The best parts about an Aeropress are:

  • You can make fresh coffee almost anywhere
  • It’s compact enough to fit in any bag
  • Won’t break even if dropped onto the floor
  • Can make one or two cups (just add more coffee, then dilute with water)
  • Very little mess and easy to clean

Don’t forget your extra filters! Also, you could buy one of our Super 7 selection box of espresso coffees to sample when you are away (comes with a tasting guide, so you can record your favourites).

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