The Good Cup held in front of Real Deal Roasters coffee van

The Good Cup – Recyclable and home compostable disposable cups

Since we began serving coffee in our little van in 2013 we have always used biodegradable cups. At the time these seemed ground breaking but despite manufacturing claims even “I Am a Green Cup* was not home compostable. There are lots of cups on the market which claim eco friendly status but are only biodegradable if taken to a commercial compost site.

We are now using The Good Cup which is revolutionizing how the single use cup is being made, consumed and recycled.

Picture of 3 "The Good Cup" style of Biodegradable cups

The Good Cup is now fully recyclable & home compostable, fantastic!

What is also fantastic about these cups is it has a built in lid which avoids the use of more plastic recycling and also cuts down on waste.

  • Recycle with paper
  • Compostable at home
  • Biodegradable in nature

We love them at the Real Deal Roasters van, although we do always encourage customers to sit down and enjoy a reusable pottery cup or even bring their own cup (20p discount on all drinks)

Also take a look at our compostable coffee bags, saving the planet, one sip at a time.

*Since writing this article we have noticed that “I am a green cup” has now been manufactured using a unique water-based dispersion coating which is certified home compostable to European standards, well done BIOPAK. Hooray, the world is waking up to this problem

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