La de da a drink of thirds
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Introducing the RDR or “La-de-da”

Six Q & A’s about this new cup of coffee:

A poster showing how a la-de-da coffee is constructed

What is a La-de-da?

It is a coffee of thirds:

  • A third espresso
  • A third steamed milk
  • A third hot water

Who invented it?

At our little coffee van at Deal Town Market we served the usual range of coffees you would find in any coffee shop but some how when our friends would ask for a coffee, we would serve them a flat white (double espresso with equal steamed milk) but would make it a longer drink so that they could sit and linger.

Why La-de-da?

The name came from the abbreviation of our own name Real Deal Roasters or RDR…RDR became La-de-da and who doesn’t like saying La-de-da?!?! Customers love asking for it

Why did it catch on?

Apart from customers liking the name, customers agreed it was the perfect combination; a strong intense drink made a little longer with a top up of hot water

Who would have thought it?

There are 3 main ingredients in most milk based coffee drinks

  • Coffee (essential!)
  • Milk (cow or alternatives)
  • Water (hot or cold)

Who would have thought a new ratio could be devised and asked for so frequently? At our stall this is the No 1 asked for coffee and people are so happy to have found it.

Does it make you happy?

Yes! Everyone who says “la-de-da” can’t help but smile when asking for it

You saw it here first at Real Deal Roasters…enjoy and be happy!

Diagram of how to make a la-de-da coffee drink

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