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  • Morning Glory Blend

    Best Coffee Blend! Our Own Morning Glory


    This wonderfully balanced fresh coffee blend takes our dark-roasted Guatemalan Coban to give it a strong base, adds medium-roasted Colombian Excelso for fruit and nut tones, and finally adds a pinch of our Indian robusta for that extra caffeine hit.

  • Real-Deal-Roasters-Coastal-

    Coastal Express


    Our signature coffee blend made with beans from Brazil for sweetness, Colombia for fruitiness and India for a great kick. Makes a delicious strong espresso. Makes a smooth latte, cappuccino or filter coffee too.

  • Big Deal Coffee blended with freshly roasted coffee from Costa Rica and Guatemala

    Big Deal Coffee Blend


    Try this big blend from our small home town of Deal in East Kent.
    A beautiful mixture of Central American coffees from Guatemala and Costa Rica.
    Grab some today. It’s taking Deal by storm!