Colombian Excelso Rain Forest Alliance Coffee


Our Colombian Excelso Rainforest Alliance coffee is a great all-rounder, suitable for any occasion. A medium-bodied coffee with a long, dark cocoa finish. Delicious aroma and taste. Try some now.


Colombian Coffee, Excelso Rain Forest Alliance

Excelso coffee is always a bestseller here at Real Deal Roasters. We have been roasting it for many years. It is very popular both with our customers and within our family. Excelso is a key component of two of our best coffee blends: Coastal Express and Morning Glory. However, Excelso are also great coffee beans on their own account.
These lovely Colombian Excelso coffee beans have a crisp, clean flavour when teamed with milk. As a result they are an ideal choice for home espresso machines. Colombian coffee offers a crisp apple acidity, syrupy body and a cocoa finish. Of course in coffee descriptions “acidity” means that dry, bright, sometimes even sparkling sensation that a really high-quality coffee has. It does not mean something that will hurt your tummy!. Look out for a sweet, caramel aroma, with notes of chocolate, sweet peas, molasses and peach.

About Colombian Coffee

Colombia is the third largest producer of coffee in the world, behind only Brazil and Vietnam. The country exports approximately 12.5 million bags of washed Arabica coffee every year. It is famous for its high quality coffee.
In Colombia they grade their coffee beans according to bean size. This is because bigger beans are generally more visually appealing. These particular coffee beans are Excelso which is the second largest size available. Excelso coffee beans are large (screen size 15-16). Only Supremo beans are bigger. 
Our Colombian Excelso coffee beans come from the Huila department, in southern Colombia. Huila has volcanic soils, high altitude farms (around 1650 masl), lots of rainfall and large forests to provide shade. This means top quality coffee grows there. This particular Colombian Excelso coffee comes from a group of small plantations. Each has an average area of only 2 hectares. The farmers still use traditional methods to produce their world renowned coffees. For example, they use manual hand-cranked de-pulping machines to remove the cherries from the beans. The farmers use raised beds for drying the beans. As a result this allows good air circulation around the coffee. Naturally, all the farms are certified by the Rainforest Alliance organisation.

Find your own coffee blend

Why not combine this great Colombian coffee with our Indian Robusta or Guatemalan Coban, adjust the quantities and find your own unique blend?

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