Coastal Express


Our signature coffee blend made with beans from Brazil for sweetness, Colombia for fruitiness and India for a great kick. Makes a delicious strong espresso. Makes a smooth latte, cappuccino or filter coffee too.

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Coastal Express for a strong coffee blend

Coastal Express was the first coffee blend we developed here at Real Deal Roasters. To make our signature blend we firstly take high-quality beans from Brazil for chocolate sweetness. Secondly, we use our favourite beans from Colombia for their fruit and nut flavours. Finally we add Cherry Robusta beans from India to ensure a coffee blend with a great kick. The result is a blend strong enough for espresso, but able to cut nicely through the milk in lattes and cappuccinos. It’s a delicious cup any time of day.

To take you through the process in more detail, first we roast our delicious Brazilian Santos coffee beans to a slightly darker hue, giving this blend a sweet, strong base. To this we then add medium roasted Colombian Excelso coffee beans, which bring rich fruit and nut tones to this coffee blend. Finally we put in a small amount (around 20%) of Indian robusta coffee beans to add that big extra caffeine hit that this coffee really serves up.

The end result is a strong, full bodied coffee with bright acidity and a wonderfully simple coffee aftertaste. A classic ‘Italian’ blend

Of course in coffee descriptions “acidity” means that dry, bright, sometimes even sparkling sensation that a really high-quality coffee has. It does not mean something that will hurt your tummy!

Coffee Blending

Coffee blending is the art of marrying coffee beans from different origins to try to enhance the best qualities of each. We try to select coffee beans that will complement each other. Then we pair them in the right proportions to highlight the best of each bean. Creating blends is a hugely enjoyable part of the coffee business. Moreover, it’s also something that you can try at home. Just take two or three of our single origin coffees and experiment with mixing them in different proportions until you find a blend you like. It’s a little tricky but you don’t have to be an expert to create your own signature blends. You just need a sense of adventure and of course a love of coffee.
Coastal Express is a delicious arabica and robusta beans blend. Like all our coffees this one is guaranteed to be freshly roasted which we know is the best way to give you that great coffee taste. If however you want to try an even stronger tasting coffee check out our high-octane Rocket Fuel blend.

Why Coastal Express?

We named Coastal Express for the site of our first roastery which overlooked beautiful Deal beach in East Kent. It’s a tough, strong coffee blend made mainly with delicious Arabica coffee beans. However it’s the extra shot of Cherry Robusta beans which makes all the difference for caffeine lovers.
We really enjoyed developing Coastal Express as a strong coffee blend. We hope you enjoy the result.

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