Mountain Water Decaf

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Simply delicious decaf coffee. Made the safe, gentle way. Smooth, flavoursome, try it today. You won’t even know it’s a decaf.


Mountain Water Decaf Coffee

Treat yourself to a Mountain Water Process decaf coffee – the coffee of your dreams!
We drink decaffeinated coffee for a variety of reasons: to prevent headaches; on medical advice; as a tasty late-night cup. However we drink this Mexican decaf coffee just because it is delicious. Choose it for its chocolate aroma, sweet flavour and nice body. So go on, treat yourself to a very special coffee, at any time!

Mexican coffee farm
Mexican coffee farm

The Mountain Water Decaf Process

There are two main ways to get rid of the caffeine from coffee beans. One is to douse the beans in chemicals. The other, gentler way is to just wash off the caffeine. In Mexico they call this the Mountain Water Process. This is because this non-chemical decaffeination process uses the clear waters from the Pico de Orizaba (the highest mountain in Mexico) to gently remove the caffeine from the green coffee beans.
The process works by immersing the green beans in water. The beans are washed at varying temperatures and pressures. This extracts the caffeine content. However, the water preserves the soluble flavouring of the beans, so we keep the original characteristics of the coffee.
The resulting green coffee is 99.9% caffeine-free.
Other decaffeination methods use chemical solvents such as methylene chloride or ethyl acetate to strip caffeine away from the green beans. And some still leave behind a significant amount of caffeine. This chemical method is likely to be banned ( in the near future as detrimental to human health. So always look for water-method coffee when buying your decaf.
The Mountain Water Process is patented and is also organically certified in accordance with the regulations of OCIA, NOP and JAS. The Mountain Water Process is similar to the famous Swiss Water Process.

The Dark Side of Decaf

You might notice that your Mountain Process Decaf coffee looks darker than your normal coffee. Ready for some fun facts? This is because in the water the cellulose structure of a decaf bean expands and then shrinks back. However it doesn’t shrink back completely. The structure of the bean is not as tight as a non-decaffeinated bean. This means that decafs don’t change much during the roasting process. It’s also the reason roasters don’t hear the “crack” as the decaf beans reach readiness. As a result decaf coffee (both beans and ground coffee) looks darker than its caffeinated friends. However, it still tastes the same.
This really is the best decaf coffee we’ve tasted. In fact most people won’t know it’s a decaf! A smooth, pleasant cup, very good as an after dinner or late night cup. Works well with a plunger or as an espresso.
Amaze your friends! They’ll never be able to guess that this is decaf coffee. It’s decaffeinated coffee without any compromise.
Own a cafe or restaurant? There will always be some customers who love decaf so why not offer them the best? Get in touch for our wholesale prices.

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3 reviews for Mountain Water Decaf

  1. Andrew Pledger (verified owner)

    Best decaf I’ve ever tried by a very big margin.

    • Real Deal Roasters (verified owner)

      Wow! Thanks, Andrew. That’s so great to hear. We are delighted that you are enjoying the decaf.

  2. colincolclough (verified owner)

    The best coffee I have tasted. Pity it is not avaialble in a caffeinated form for the additional kick.

  3. Jeannie Clarke (verified owner)

    Please don’t stop producing this coffee – it’s the only decaf we will buy! Brilliant!

    • Real Deal Roasters (verified owner)

      Thank you Jenny! We love it too, so no chance of it going out of stock.
      If you can leave us a Google review as well that would be fabulous
      Kind regards

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