Peruvian Tunki Organic Coffee

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Peruvian Tunki – Organic Speciality Coffee

Delicious organic coffee with flavours of dark chocolate, figs and plums.
This socially conscious coffee from the Peruvian Andes has won the title of Best Special Coffee in the World.


Peruvian Tunki Organic Coffee

Some say Peruvian Tunki Coffee is “the best organic coffee in the world.” Well, try some today and see for yourself.
Peruvian Tunki is an award-winning coffee from high in the Andes mountains in South America. Peru is the largest producer of organic coffee in the world. These particularly lovely organic beans come from the Tambopata Valley,  in south-eastern Peru. The farms lie on the border with Bolivia. They are at an average altitude of 1700 masl.
Our Tunki organic coffee is a rare mix of organic Arabica coffee beans. The coffee bean varietals are Bourbon, Caturra and Catimor. These combine to give a fulsome, floral and chocolatey cup of coffee. It has a creamy, nutty flavour. The body is full, velvety and well-balanced. There is a clean mouthfeel of crisp citric acidity. By which we of course mean the dry sensation that a really high-quality coffee brings to the mouth. All in all, this is a famous bean which makes a memorable cup of coffee.

Organic Coffee Growing in the Andes

The remote location and tiny farms of the region make ideal conditions for growing world class coffee. However, they also make it very difficult to get the good stuff to us. Click on this video (from UK importers Freeman Trading) to see how organic coffee farmers trek over the Andes, a hugely difficult journey, to bring this Tunki organic coffee to the ports. The video also highlights how Freeman Trading help the Tunki farmers. They do this through paying a fair price for the coffee beans. They also help the indigenous coffee farmers by giving a guaranteed income, regardless of global coffee market price fluctuations. Consequently we are seeing the Tunki farmers of this area thrive. As a result of all this hard work the beans the ship to the UK, ready to delight us.
The rather cool video also shows the Tunki bird, from which this coffee takes its name. Tunki is the local Quecha language name for this, the national bird of Peru.
So order some Tunki organic coffee today. It scores an impressively high 86 points in cupping tests by the Specialty Coffees Association of America (SCAA), so you can be sure you’re getting a great cup.

Finally, just for fun, why not compare this with our other delicious Peruvian Fair Trade coffee: Sol y Café

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  1. colincolclough (verified owner)

    Tunki is a great coffee and your roast is excellent. It is my daily start up.

    • Real Deal Roasters

      Thanks for the review. Colin. Lovely to hear that you are enjoying the Peruvian Tunki coffee.

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