Santos Brazilian Coffee Rainforest Alliance


Santos Brazilian Coffee RFA

Try this classic Brazilian Arabica coffee today. Mild, a little sweet but with savoury dark cocoa and hints of green apples if you look hard.

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Santos Brazilian Coffee Rainforest Alliance

Brazilian Santos Farmer with red berries
Brazilian Santos Farmer

Our Santos RFA Brazilian coffee is full bodied, soft in flavour and has low acidity. This makes it the perfect base for espresso blends. Alternatively it’s great as a single origin coffee for anyone who prefers less acidity in their coffee. These Santos RFA Brazilian coffee beans are consistent in quality, show good strength and are dependable in flavour. Try some today if you like a sweet cup of delicious coffee.

RFA stands for Rainforest Alliance. We are always happy to work with them. The RFA certifies coffee, and other products, to ensure a high standard of production. In general, RFA standards protect the environment and the rights of workers. This is particularly important for farms and other operations in some of the poorest countries in the world.

Brazil is of course by far the world’s largest coffee producer. The majority of Brazilian coffee grows in the states of Sao Paulo and its neighbour, Minas Gerais. Santos is a large port on Brazil’s Atlantic Coast, near the city of Sao Paulo. Santos is famous for two things: firstly, its association with Pele the footballer. Secondly, it is the place from which, traditionally, most Brazilian coffees are shipped abroad. As a result many varieties of Brazilian coffee are known simply as “Santos”. Coffee figures so hugely in the history of Santos, Sao Paulo and Brazil as a whole that there is even a Coffee Museum in Santos. For another example of great Brazilian coffee, try our Oberon blend.

More on Santos Coffee

Santos coffee comes from farms at relatively low altitudes. Around 1000m or so asl. This leads to a mildness in the beans. All Santos coffees are cured and processed by the natural method. The harvested cherries are dried on huge patios the size of football fields and are then milled to export specifications. This allows fruity flavours to carry over into the beans, as they dry while still inside the coffee fruit.
Brazilian Santos is a clean Arabica coffee with a good body, creamy mouthfeel and often a peanut or malty flavour. This turns sweeter and more chocolatey though, with a darker roast. As a mild coffee it is hard to beat. As a darker number we like to use it in our favourite Espresso blend, Coastal Express. So give it a whirl, either way.

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